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About Us
About Us

About Trinity Hospital of Augusta in Augusta, Georgia

As the area’s only faith-based hospital, Trinity Hospital of Augusta is an acute care hospital that offers progressive healthcare through cutting-edge technology. For more than 60 years, the hospital has provided surgical, and inpatient and outpatient services to meet the community’s needs. Accredited by The Joint Commission, Trinity Hospital is recognized as a provider of quality healthcare designed to meet patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The hospital and staff offer a range of services and strives to exceed patient expectations, while delivering compassionate, quality care.

For more information and a complete listing of services, view our online fact sheet.

Trinity Hospital of Augusta is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that proudly includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital's medical staff.

Aiken Ophthalmology, P.C.; Augusta Nephrology & Internal Medicine Assocs, P.C.; Augusta Neuroscience, LLC; Center for Primary Care, P.C.; Family Medicine Associates of Augusta, P.C.; Gastroenterology Consultants of Augusta, P.C.; Niti Bhalla Carlson M.D., P.C.; Retina Consultants, P.C. (dba Retina Eye Ctr); Southern Family Medical Center, P.C.; William E. LaVigne, M.D., P.C.; Donna L. Adams-Pickett, Ph.D., M.D.; Ramzi T. Assad, M.D.; Miriam Y. J. Atkins; John T. Atkins, III, M.D.; Jack H. Austin, Jr., M.D.; Evan C. Bahr, M.D.; Tracy R. Barefield, M.D.; William E. Barfield, Jr., M.D.; William E. Barfield, III; Jennifer B. Bartley, M.D.; Ronald W. Beaudreau; Timothy N. Beeson, M.D.; Michael W. Blaney; David Lee Booker; Claus Brandigi; Ronald Brown, Sr.; Mark L. Cain; James J. Carswell, III; Frank L. Carter, M.D.; Camilla K. Chance, M.D.; Bashir A. Chaudhary; John D. Cheape; Eddie R. Cheeks, M.D.; Theresa L. Christie; Robert M. Clark, D.O.; Michael J. Cohen, M.D.; William J. Conkright; Terrence J. Cook, M.D.; Edward M. Crosland; Paul E. Cundey, III, M.D.; William David Curtis; Alice K. David; Wendy Davis, M.D.; Priya S. Deshpande, M.D.; John S. Dirksen, M.D.; Gary L. Dove, M.D.; Jennifer L. Drake; Jewell B. Duncan; J. Ron Eaker; Marian T. Ebron; Dean A. Page; Michelle H. E. Parker; David W. Parler; Charlton J. Pickett; Leslie J. Pollard, Jr., M.D.; Edward A. Porubsky; George C. Pursley; J. Douglas Quarles, Jr.; William A. Rivell, M.D.; Harvey J. Sanders, Jr.; Richard B. Sasnett, Jr.; Stephen L. Schmidt; Edouard J. Servy; Harinderjit Singh; Anthony V. Smith, M.D.; Mark T. Smith, M.D.; Thomas H. Smith, III, M.D.; Sarah P. Speese, M.D.; Amy M. Sprague; Mark J. Stewart, M.D.; Robert A. Suykerbuyk, M.D.; Donald B. Talley, M.D.; Rebecca A. Talley, M.D.; Damon A. Templeton, M.D.; Luther M. Thomas, III, M.D.; William V. Tillery, M.D.; Jay A. Tomeo, M.D.; Andrew L. Van Alstine; Christopher L. Vickery; G. Leslie Walters; Sal Wambsgans; William A. Wells; William J. Welsh, M.D.; Alan B. Whitehouse; George W. Williams, Jr., M.D.; Don E. Williamson, M.D.; Gary B. Williamson, M.D.; Frederick J. Rosenblum; Clay H. Wilson, M.D.; Gregory T. Ellison; Hasanali V. Fatteh; Asma Q. Fischer, M.D.; Paul M. Fischer, M.D.; James M. Ford, M.D.; Robert C. Franklin, M.D.; Murray A. Freedman, M.D.; Sharad Ghamande; Kenna S. Given, M.D.; Henry N. Goodwin, Jr., M.D.; Joseph W. Griffin, Jr., M.D.; Angela Overstreet Wright; Joachim E. Hertel, M.D.; Robert S. Hill; Michael S. Holman, M.D.; Vendie H. Hooks, III, M.D.; John K. Hudson, M.D.; Nargis H. Husainy; Arlon H. Jahnke, Jr.; Ravinder Jerath, M.D.; David M. Jester, M.D.; Ray E. Johnson, M.D.; Dennis H. Jones; Allan Joseph, M.D.; Tara A. Kattine; Mark Keaton, M.D.; Denise S. Kennedy, M.D.; Phillip S. Kennedy, M.D.; Kerry L. Kline, M.D.; Jodi L. Krueger, M.D.; Lawrence J. LaHatte; Mallory A. Lawrence, Sr., M.D.; Leonard Little, Jr.; Richard W. Livingston, Jr., M.D.; Hatim Lukman; Alexander H. MacDonell, III; Dennis M. Marcus; Frederick A. Merrill, III, D.O.; Tracy W. Middlebrooks, Jr., M.D.; William Joseph Wylie; Kevin J. Murrell; Puthugramam K. Natrajan, M.D.; William T. Neumann, M.D.; Danny A. Newman, Jr., M.D.; James H. Oakman; John Henry Oliver; Geraldine O’Meara, M.D.; Deborah C. O’Shields, M.D.; R. Glen Owen, Jr.

  Trinity Hospital of Augusta
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